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Articles > Mental Health January, 18, 2017

Signing Out For Good: Why I Decided To Delete Facebook

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Let me get something straight – I’m not one of those people who thinks social media is the work of the devil, but I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. However, it was only when I deleted my Facebook account that I realised just how much of my life was connected to just one site. Only now that I’ve detached myself from that world have I realised how toxic it can be.

Deleting my facebook

I deleted my Facebook… Crazy but the best decision I ever made

Deleting your Facebook account seems to be a big deal these days, especially for someone at uni. However, I felt as if this was something I needed to do to be happier. Although I’m not trying to convert anyone else to my way of thinking, I thought I would share with you a few reasons why I decided that I had had enough:

1) The main reason I decided to rid myself of Facebook was because I was sick of the constant feelings of inadequacy when seeing everybody having a fantastic summer or night out while I sat at home doing nothing. The impact on my mental health was quite substantial and it wasn’t unusual for it to take a massive hit from the endless stream of drunk photos and couples. Of course, I knew that people only put their best lives on Facebook, but that didn’t change the way I felt at that moment. For this reason, I knew I had to delete Facebook if I wanted to stop feeling down.

2) Another big factor was how tired I was of constantly seeing everyone’s opinions on current affairs. It seemed everyone had something to say, relevant or not, and it was their right to clog my news feed with these opinions.

3) I was also incredibly bored of the preaching and self-flattery! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – those early morning statuses telling us how someone’s already been to the gym, made a smoothie, written an essay, saved a puppy, and single-handedly put an end to world poverty. Although I congratulate people who have that much drive, I don’t really see the need for them to tell the world about their success. This culture of over-sharing was too much for me and was something I could definitely do without.

4) One of the biggest reasons for me to delete Facebook was how easy it was to get in contact with exes. You always got that monthly annoying message on Facebook from that one ex who still hasn’t quite let go, or be on the receiving end of a drunk 2am “I miss you” message. But if you’re being honest you’ve probably sent a couple, too. And if you’re the one having trouble letting go it can be hard to see your ex move on. By deleting Facebook, I felt like I was like putting a big wall between me and them, eliminating the possibility of hurt or any unwanted contact.

5) Before I decided to delete Facebook completely, I tried deactivating it from time to time. This allows you to suspend your account until you next decide log in, and although this may seem like a good enough solution, it wasn’t enough for me. Logging back in would always be instinctive, automatic, and I’d get stuck in the same old loop. By permanently deleting my account, I was making a decision I could not go back on.

A generic message was sent out to some of my friends a few days before I decided to delete Facebook for good. Just because I’m signing out of a time-sink, it didn’t mean I wanted to lose contact with my friends. Nobody seemed to blame me for my choice. It’s as if everyone knew that my decision would prove to be a positive one for me in the long run.

The only real snag I’ve encountered so far was forgetting to make a note of the location of my best friend’s 21st birthday party, but a quick text sorted that out. And after that, I figured that if people want me to meet with them or to do things, then they’d let me know.

I’m not writing this to encourage you all to delete Facebook. Far from it; it’s not my place to try and tell you what websites you should and shouldn’t be signed up to. Facebook might be perfect for you, and that’s great, but it really wasn’t for me. I don’t feel smug or superior for having deleted my account, but I do feel happier. By removing myself from Facebook, I feel more connected to the world around me and less so to the device in my hand.


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  1. Blake

    I honestly couldn’t agree more. Having social media like Facebook really impacted my mental health and seriously heightened my risk of being triggered or instigating emotional distress. Social media isn’t for everyone!

  2. Maya

    I strongly agree with the article having a social media account can really affect your mental health and isolate you from socialising with the real world. People really need to learn that there are other important things in life rather than liking and commenting pictures. Yes there are benefits but I think that people have misused the amount of social media time they should have.

  3. Megan

    I’ve just read this, and I know that I have the nasty habit of constantly opening Facebook even if I’ve just shut the app. So as a step, and because I use messenger to keep in contact with people that I have no other way of contacting, I have removed the app from my home screen and from my app list without properly deleting it. So hopefully it will reduce the amount of times I click on the app to open it. For no real reason.

  4. Emilia

    I totally agree with you! Social media these days just makes people anti-social and all they think about is the likes they get or the comments they receive. I occasionally deactivate my account because I’m just scrolling down and wasting my time!!

  5. R

    I agree! I used to have Facebook years ago, it caused unnecessary stress. I felt I needed to keep up with the world and everyone else, it was so time consuming and when I let it go I found all of this free time I was able to use on much more beneficial things. One of the best decisions I made 🙂 Although I miss the memes lol

  6. Luke


  7. saiba

    I totally agree, Facebook honestly was so toxic because i felt isolated (ironic because its suppose to be a site that connects people) and always depressed and after deleting it i feel like my recovery is much more stable.

  8. humairaa

    great article.

  9. mohamed amine

    I think this is good for you

  10. Aimee

    I stopped going on facebook too and honesty I don’t know why I was even on there… Don’t get me wrong it’s great to contact people you don’t see often but it’s so fake!

  11. Hader Akhtar

    Yh I agree with most of what you have said. Facebook is overused by many and causes a lot of problems between friends and family. Trying to get of it is difficult but not impossible.

  12. Wenna

    I agree with you and all the points you have made here! I realised that I spend so much time just scrolling though ridiculous statuses and videos when there are so many better things i could be doing than wasting my time on Facebook. After reading this I also notice that it affects my mental health as well… The only thing is for some reason Facebook is really hard to leave alone.

  13. Nameraghav

    I don’t think…social network like facebook to make a difference in the world . Be a problem solver.

  14. Luke

    I agree, Using facebook gives me a headache and I only keep the damn thing for the messaging app to keep in contact with family, other than that it’s one of the worst things i’ve ever signed up for. Twitter is no better but atleast I can limit what I see on there, all social media has just become a playground for ‘Trolls’ and ‘haters’ generally always doing things to ‘trigger’ you and to cause a reaction.

  15. Oliwka

    good Article

  16. Hannah

    You’re right, I personally think that social media has taken over what we call ‘society’ and it’s completely out of order

  17. Emma

    I agree with you, chap. I got Facebook when I was 14. I found it quite tedious, in all honesty, but it did host some fun aspects such as sharing fun pictures or creating awareness for several things. However, Facebook, and excuse my blunt-ness here, is packed full of idiots. Well, at least the ones on my ‘friends’ list were. Not all, but you know, the majority and I came into serious conflict because of it. I deleted Facebook for good when I was 15 or 16 because of this and I must say with a sigh of relief, that I feel more private and that people are not sniffing my business. So I do agree with you. Social media, in general, just twists people in all the wrong ways if they’re not careful. An engaging article, Charlotte. Well done. 😀

  18. Ceallaigh

    Very true. I myself do have a Facebook, but it’s only there so that I can use Messenger because it’s a free way to chat with friends. I see people on the website with 5000+ “friends” and I fail to see why that is. Facebook negates the meaning of friendship, because 85% of most people’s “friends” are complete strangers.

  19. Melissa

    I do agree with you tho, but fb also lets you connect with others, and you can know when interesting things happened to your friends or families. However, as you said it also effects us a lot, once you get used to it, it’s hard to leave it alone.

  20. Pukar

    I think technology is good in good hands and if it is in bad hands and used for bad purposes then it will kill us all.

  21. Fintan

    Sure social media is the devil, and it’s quite difficult to leave it especially if you are idle. But on the other hand I don’t totally suggest the idea of deleting it. It could be of help someday you know.

  22. jawad

    good points
    But I think it depends upon you and how you will use it.
    I suppose social media will always have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.
    It’s a source of information, allows us to connect etc but is also a waste of time and creates frustration

  23. Lucy

    I have to disagree with you unfortunately. I feel like because of social media such as Facebook I wouldn’t have most of the friends I have now and would miss out on some key opportunities. I also feel that if I wasn’t on Facebook, I would feel left out and isolated from society. It’s great that you feel better after leaving it though but for me it’s an essential part of my life.