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Articles > Entertainment October, 02, 2017

Spotify’s Awesome Tool That Sums Up Your Music In 2017

Terrelle Iziren
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6.33 / 10

Now that 2017 is over,  millions of Spotify users have been gifted with their own personalised “Your Top Songs 2017” playlist, as well as an interesting breakdown of their listening behaviour last year…

spotify sum up your music in 2017

Find out everything you need to know about how you listened to music in 2017

According to The Statistics Portal, audio streaming giants Spotify had 60 million paying subscribers globally. And for them to create personalised playlists and stats for every single one of those subscribers (not to mention those who are using the free version of Spotify as well) I think it is an awesome 2017 departing gift.

Spotify introduced another playlist this year called “The Ones that Got Away.” This playlist features 30 tunes that listeners may have wished they discovered earlier on in the year, which is based off of your 2017 song choices. I have to admit I found a few hidden gems here.

The big game-changer though was the ‘look back at 2017’ breakdown of your Spotfiy usage. This really opened my eyes as to how much I used Spotify and how I listened to music in general. It tells you how many minutes in total you spent listening to music all year, how many artists, songs and genres you explored and it even has a quiz to see how well you know your own music taste.

The quiz asks you three questions:

“Who was your top artist?”

“which song was yours.”

“What was your top genre?”

spotify 2017 wrapped

My ‘Spotify 2017 Wrapped’ results

For instance, the top artist for me was the hit-making DJ, Duke Dumont, and my song of 2017 was Déjà Vu by German-American rapper J.Cole.

At the end of the quiz, Spotify users also have the opportunity to share their listening stats on social media. Beware though, this could create plenty of debate among your family and friends.

To sum it up, 2017 has been another huge year for many musicians. British band Coldplay led the Top Groups of 2017, while ‘New Rules’ singer Dua Lipa became the most streamed female artist in the UK. With 2017 all wrapped up, and the cloud over Brexit beginning to clear away, I’m eager to see which talented musicians will take 2018 by storm…

I highly recommend you check out your own Spotify stats here, you might surprise yourself!

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  1. Geoffrey Adevor

    I think…its an awesome app

  2. Katherine Hubbard

    Couldn’t agree more about finding those ‘hidden gems’ in the ones that got away playlist !!