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Articles > Money January, 30, 2019

Tight for Cash? Try Some Student Jobs!

Paul Sharpe
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Being a student is great in so many ways, but when it comes to money issues, things get awkward.

As a child, I could ask the Bank-of-Parents for some cash to fund a day out with my friends, and they would (sometimes begrudgingly) hand over a note or two. However, having grown up, asking for money now comes with not-wanted guilt, so I need another way to fund my (albeit cheap) life. The solution is simple: earn my own money.

Here are 7 student-friendly ways to make money:

1. Tutoring
With such a large number of tutoring companies out there, it’s easy to choose the work you need. Tutoring roles can vary in terms of commitment, but you can choose both the subject and age group you work with. There are more parents looking to hire tutors now than ever before, and the area hosts a huge range of opportunities. Benefits of tutoring are that expected work hours match your availability, as students have similar timetables. Make a difference in a child’s life today!

2. Stewarding
I started stewarding a few months ago and I can only say I regret not having known about it sooner. In summary, you get paid to attend extravagant events. As long as you don’t mind being on your feet for 8 hours in a row, stewarding is a really exciting job. Also, seeing as many events are on the weekends and evenings, it’s easy to balance shifts with university timetables.

3. Apps and Social Media
Shpock and Vinted are extremely useful sales apps, but also check to see if your university has a for-sale site/Facebook group. You’ve probably seen the adverts 101 times, but have you actually tried the apps? While it takes a while to list everything you want to sell, it’s an easy form of pocket money. Pass on your old notes/textbooks to the students in the year below you. Give people a student-friendly price so that they get a bargain and you get sale; is that sort of stuff going to be useful to you again?

4. Care Homes
With an aging population, it’s sad that more and more people in the UK are moving into care homes. This means that care homes desperately need staff. This job can be great, as well as really rewarding for students hoping to get experience in health-care. In any job, looking for something in your desired area is great for experience.

5. Apply for your University Student Ambassador Jobs
What is better than employers that understand your position when you say “I won’t be able to work on that afternoon as I have a seminar, 4 lectures and 2 pieces of coursework due”? Simple.

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