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Articles > Entertainment February, 01, 2019

Dry not Dull: A Sober Guide to London

Kira Crabtree
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8.65 / 10

Generation Z are less interested in drinking and drugs than previous generations. But, while health crazes and juice bars are on the rise, the centre of university life is still alcohol.

It’s almost impossible to escape the so-called ‘British drinking culture’ at university. Student halls, unions and even library walls are plastered with flyers promoting cheap drink deals and free club entry. A ‘student night’ isn’t complete without cheap shots. Daytime activities are non-existent because we’re all in bed nursing our hangovers. These are the assumptions and stereotypes attached to student life but studies are proving that this is no longer the case.

More and more young people are searching for alternatives to a drunken night out. Whether it’s because of the next day fear, social media addiction, religion, health, or just disinterest, student life has changed and it’s about time that businesses, parents, and teachers caught up.

It’s possible and very common to go on these freshers’ nights out and be alcohol free. Generation Z are a lot more open to sobriety and there’s no longer harsh judgement for being the one drinking energy drinks in the nightclub. But standing in a sweaty club having people fall over you and watching everyone do shots isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time.

There are plenty of alcohol-free options to suit all for a good time in London. Here are a few…

Mission: Breakout

One for the team. A fully immersive escape room located in an abandoned tube station in Kentish Town. A great one if you’re looking to get a group together.

Flip Out

For the big kids. Their Wandsworth location is London’s biggest trampoline park. A huge area of interconnected trampolines with something for all ages.

Cereal Killer Cafe

For those who like a different type of cocktail. This café mixes up your favourite novelty cereals into one big cereal cocktail. Warning: serious nostalgia and sugar levels.


For those who enjoy the ‘bar vibe’ minus the temptation of drinking, this Notting Hill dry bar is great. Specialising in vegan dishes and healthy mocktails – you’ll feel great after an evening here.

Bounce Ping Pong

For a bit of healthy competition. Taking the ping pong table from the back corner of a bar to the forefront of a venue. Alcohol is available here, but most people are too involved in the competition of the games.

Disco Yoga

For those who love a girls’ night out. Yoga moves to disco grooves. This new fitness craze is a great alternative to an 80’s club night. There’s a glitter station to prep for the session, and superfood mocktails are handed out after. Sequins and spandex encouraged.

Backyard Cinema

For those who are bored of the cinema. Taking cinema screenings to a whole new level. A roaming, theatrical cinema varying in locations both outdoors and indoors for an immersive experience.

Morning Gloryville

For those who love to dance. This is an immersive morning dance party. Sober morning raves starting at 6:30am to ‘rave your way into the day’.


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