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Articles > Entertainment March, 20, 2019

Top Tips to Get Off Social Media

Chris Elliot
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat; it seems if you do not use any of these social media apps then you are not switched on with the world.

It becomes all too apparent for people to spend hours of the day just mindlessly scrolling through one of these, but I’ve created a list of my top 5 tips for avoiding being sucked in by social media:

Set Limits
Setting a limit for yourself for when you use your phone is good, apps like Hold actually reward you the more time you don’t spend on your device. Of course, if you need to use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for work then it is a different matter, for example I am a journalism student so I need to check twitter to have a look at all the current news. However, when I get home I use this app to try and limit my time on my phone.

Going for a run or walk is vitally important as not only is it healthy but it also helps clear the mind after a stressful day. If running isn’t for you then taking up a sport also has a lot of benefits, as well as the good social aspects it also encourages you to stay away from social media.

Watching a film
Sometimes when I have had a bad day and just want to completely get away from social media, I will take myself to the cinema so I can completely cleanse my mind off things. I often find that the few hours I spend in the cinema are a great form of escapism.

Reading a book
There are many benefits to reading; not only is it good for your brain, but it can also offer you a new perspective on things. Allowing yourself to only concentrate on a book means you will not get bogged down with social media.

Seeking support
If social media is having negative effects on your mental health and well-being then do seek support from your local GP and the student services your university can provide, often people are too afraid to seek help, but it is there if you need it.

Here are some helpful links:

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  1. olivia

    netflix has been my go to for agessss now