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Articles > Entertainment April, 16, 2019

Beating Boredom during the Holidays

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For all the wishing and wanting we do towards the end of term time, it can often be quite hard to make it all the way through a school holiday without getting bored pretty fast.

Staying mentally and physically fresh during periods of inactivity are really important, so make sure you’re occupied and keeping yourself in good health! Even if you’re strapped for cash, here are some ideas for what to do when the boredom comes. For starters, one thing I know that is definitely free is filling out surveys right here! Check your surveys page to check out if you have any new surveys available.

If you live in a large city around the UK, chances are you’ve maybe never even taken a look outside and seen what’s on your own doorstep. For example, where I live there a huge, green parks, all within a mile of one another, and of course they’re all free to visit! When you get a nice day, grab a friend or two and take a walk down to your local park. It’s spring now, and getting out into nature to see all the new budding flowers is so heart-warming. In my room, I have a vase of daffodils that were picked from a tall hill near my house; picking flowers costs nothing and they add a colourful, fresh touch to any room.

Around 20 minutes from me there are 2 museums: an art gallery and a transport museum which are both free! In almost every city there will be a free exhibition that you can travel to either by car, bus or train. If you want to help the environment, you can walk too!

My mum uses a site called Groupon to find way to fill time together for discount prices, and so far we’ve had a few really fun days out; a few were outside our home city, and others were a small journey away. If you’re not at that age where it’s “too embarrassing” to be out with your mum or dad, encourage them to have a check for new deals on good family days out.

If you have some money, then there are many things you can do. Take yourself to your local corner shop and buy some baking supplies (everyone loves a good cupcake!). If you aren’t any good at baking like me, then buy a baking kit. Otherwise, treat yourself with a spa day, or maybe travel to your nearest cinema and see a movie (Empire Cinema has a Saver Tuesday, when all tickets are £4.75).

If you have a decent amount of money, take a sight-seeing tour (hop on-hop off bus) around your city (I know that places in Scotland definitely have them, and York has one which is environmentally friendly!). The cost is a little pricey, but for the places you get to see around your city it can be well worth the money. When you hop off, most of the attractions and tourist sites are free to visit and use (like museums).

Having a good time during your time off is important to keep your mental health uplifted as well as keeping your physical health in check. So, rather than sitting in your house, bored stiff, use some of these ideas during your break. Whether you want to spend money or not there will always be something local that you can do. I hope you enjoy the rest of your break and have a great last term before summer.

Happy Easter!

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