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Articles > Mental Health July, 08, 2019

Life After Results Day: My GCSE Experience

Chloe Bayliss
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8.13 / 10

A day I once dreaded has actually turned into one of the happiest memories of my life so far.

GCSE results day was much better than expected, and it proved to me that hard work truly does pay off. I walked away with 2 A-grades and 6 Bs, plus a distinction in English spoken language!

Schools like to make you think your GCSE results are essential, that your entire life depends on getting good grades and being the best. Remember: you have so many options that you can choose from that do not require high grades. It is obviously still important to work hard, do well, and achieve the best of your ability, but driving yourself towards the edge is not worth it. Believe me.

On results day, I woke up in a daze. I had not slept much, and I was still very groggy from not being able to sleep. When I eventually got up, had breakfast and got ready, time just seemed to fly past. In practically no time at all, it was 9:30, and I was ready to leave for school to get my results at 10. Armed with my parents, baby twins and little sister, we made the slow walk up to the school, umbrella raised over my head against the onslaught of misty rain (pathetic fallacy? Looking back, clearly not!). The closer I got to the school, the more panic began to rise in my throat, and the more I felt like I was about to be sick.

At around 10:05, we arrived. My family had to wait in reception as I went into the refectory to collect my envelope. One of my science teachers walked over to me while I waited, and congratulated me before I opened my results. This made me feel better about tearing into the brown, fleshy paper; I knew I had at least passed science, which I had told myself time and time again that I had failed.

When my shaky hands opened the envelope, a pile of papers lay waiting inside. It took me a few seconds to find the one with the actual results on. Quickly skimming down the list until I saw maths, I took one look at the 6 before collapsing into a thankful, relief-filled crying fit on my Dad’s shoulder. My parents still didn’t know if these was tears of joy or horror, so my Mum took the papers from my hand and read it for herself. She was shocked by my maths grade, but obviously super proud at the same time. Once I had slightly composed myself, I read the papers again, looking at my other grades this time. I managed to get an A in my two favourite subjects (History and Drama)!

My maths grades I owe to my fantastic maths teacher. He is a miracle worker, dedicated and passionate to the subject and to the school. He has taught me that the impossible can indeed become possible, with hard work and determination. My History teachers and English teachers also spoke to me about how hard I have worked, and everyone was so proud. I am so lucky and blessed to have such amazing teachers, who truly care about me and my grades.

GCSE year was tough. It was full of hard moments, dark moments, and it also had its fair share of lovable moments too. I put in the work and the hours and got my reward, but others were not so lucky. My advice to you is to make every second count; every class, every study session, every day must count for something. I do not mean spend every second studying – that won’t do you any good. What I am saying, is that you need to be productive. You need to use your time wisely, because the year really does fly by.

No matter how you feel after an exam, there is nothing you can do about it once it’s over. I was certain I had failed science after I flopped my first physics exam, and I ended up with a double B in the end. Truth is, you just don’t know. We all deserve success, but only some have the drive to work hard enough to attain it.

Good luck to everyone waiting for their results!

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  1. Bright Chiekwelaibekam

    Beautiful and lovely…
    Yeah, indeed hard work pays..
    I’ve been inspired with this

  2. Exotic Ghoul

    Congratulations! I had the same experience, but no crying . I got 9 A*/A’s and 2 Bs. But man, A-levels are a whole another journey, a much worser journey but more rewarding!