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Articles > School May, 01, 2020

5 things you’ll understand if you’re a secondary school student

Brooke Hoadley
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8.45 / 10

If like me you’re a secondary school student, I’m sure you’ve had at least one moment where you’ve thought to yourself: ‘is it worth it?’ Yes, school can be horrible – lessons may be boring, your teachers and peers can be moody – but the reality is, it can also be a lot of fun!

Here’s my list of favourite quotes and activities that that every student will hear or do at some point in their school life, which will remind you why school can be great:

1. “It’s not my break your wasting, it’s yours”

This is a classic quote that has been used by pretty much every one of my teachers. And it’s the most frustrating line ever!

2. “I was helping year 7s”

This is an age-old excuse as to why you’re late to class (and it’s usable for the whole month of September). Oh, how it has saved my skin on a couple too many occasions.

3. Writing your friend’s PE note

If you were the one in your group of friends with the neat handwriting, then you probably would have been asked to do this on one or two occasions.

Of course, I wouldn’t encourage falsifying letters 🙈 but I will admit that I have occasionally invented a fake injury for my friends and signed the letter off as their mum.

4. Doing your homework as the teacher was collecting it

What do you do when you completely forget about the homework until the dreaded due date?! If you’re lucky enough, the person next to you will let you copy there’s – and you might just about get away with it.

5. Preparing for school pictures

When school picture day comes around there’s often two types of people; those (like me) who’ll take extra care with their make up on that day, checking lip gloss is topped up or coming into school with a fresh fade. And then there’s the rest – mostly boys, who’ll run around trying to mess up people’s hair.

Do you have your own memory of what you think every secondary school pupil experiences? Comment below 👇

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