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Articles > Coronavirus May, 04, 2020

Hobbies to Relieve Stress during Lockdown

Francesca Di Franco
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Given our current global state, you may find yourself, like many others, trapped inside and trying to find purpose in life. Consequently, you might have become glued to technology screens, whether that be scrolling through social media or binging on the latest Netflix series. But is this the best way to spend your lockdown?

Having been in lockdown for almost two months now, I have come up with some simple, effective and enjoyable hobbies that can get you out of bed and off the couch!

1. Cooking and baking

Whether you’re in lockdown with friends/family/partners or spending it alone, cooking is a great way to pass the time and can easily integrate into any part of your day.

Have you ever wondered: ‘am I hungry or just bored?’ Well, it doesn’t matter; making something sweet or savoury in the kitchen is a sure way to cure one or both of these! And getting inspiration for what to cook is just as easy. Why not dust off some of those old cook books or crack open your laptop and start Googling.

Always wanted to try and make cinnamon rolls? Lockdown is your time to shine!

2. Yoga

Looking for an exercise regime that you can actually stick to? Something that will leave you aching the next day (but not left completely immobilised)? Want an activity that you can start without the need of a physical instructor? Look no further, because yoga is the answer.

Nowadays, you can access yoga sessions from across the internet – whether it be through online channels like YouTube or via apps, there’s plenty of videos out there to get you started.

Check out:

*Down Dog are currently offering free premium access to all students until July (requires a valid student email).

3. Gardening (garden not required)

That’s right, you don’t need a garden to be a gardener.

There are so many fruits, vegetables and flowers that you can easily harvest the seeds from and then grow from scratch yourself – peppers, tomatoes and beans are a good place to start.

Plus, you don’t need any ‘proper’ plant pots to do this either! There’s so much plastic waste these days, that you can simply delve into your recycling and craft you own pot from a used egg carton or yogurt pot. You’ll soon have your own little vegetable patch and come out of this lockdown with a green finger!

4. Painting

Odds are, somewhere in your home you’ve got old paints stashed away; when better to reintroduce some colour and creativity into your life than in lockdown? And you don’t need a canvas to start painting. Why not get creative with an old t-shirt or perhaps if you’ve already started on your vegetable patch, then you could paint some of your newly crafted plant pots.

What’s brilliant about all of the above is that regardless of whether you live in a house, flat, farm, boat or any other accommodation, you can (to an extend) do any or all of these activities. And on a limited budget. The only thing you need is space.

The enjoyment and purpose you will get in return for doing something new with your time will be well worth it. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a new obsession to spend your time on for the next few months, I hope you get lots of entertainment out of these.

Do you have your own suggestions for lockdown hobbies? Tell us below in the comments section.

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  1. Nafisah

    I think…the most ideal thing to do is to try different things that you feel you might enjoy such as reading, cooking and exercise as these will also help with your health by keeping you active and will also help when you are feeling stressed as a way to distract your mind.

  2. Eloise

    I think…the best thing to do is exercise and get outside in nature to boost your mood

  3. Pari

    I think that this article is super useful and gives excellent ideas. Seeing this made me want to bake so I’ve gone and bought new ingredients to bake. The plan is to make coffee flavoured chocolate chip cookies!

  4. Bisrat

    I think every body should do what makes them comfortable what makes you feel good and makes you feel like your old self if working out or doing yoga any thing productive just do it . for me working out is my thing just find yours and I just hope you just get through what ever you going through

  5. Aleena

    I think these are some of the most productive things to do while lock down

  6. Jessica

    i think this is a great article, it ranges for different agegroups, this is due to the layout, wording, etc. by having multiple links for the readers helps support them more adding on the the written advice. furthermore, it does not just give tips to those that are prepared (as in garding, a person with a garden…) it is talking and helping those in many different situations (satisfying their different needs). it is very helpful 🙂 .

  7. Abbey Naathan

    Never would have thought you can garden without a garden

  8. Vyacheslav Konoval

    As for me, I prefer to work under scientific research. The global lockdown caused by COVID-19 has given to me the opportunity to improve myself, given the time to do what I want really, being released me from performing the routine everyday tasks.

  9. Joshua

    I wasn’t really interested in cooking, not until this lockdown

    Now my cooking is perfect
    All thanks to the lockdown, it has in a way affected me positively

  10. Ella

    I think exercise is also a great way to relieve stress (as well as improve physical wellbeing).

  11. Ant

    I think that these are great during lockdown and it’s really fun. I tried baking after this article and it really was fun, I think I’m going to try Gardening next because I saw that someone in the comments have already tried it and they liked it. I don’t think you need to add anything more to this article, the pictures are good and you have just enough text.

  12. Rachel B

    I think it is important to do self care such as face masks. Cycling and gardening are fun too.

  13. Anna

    I think…this article is able to motivate individuals to make a change in their lives as current situations may bring people down.

  14. Martyna

    I think… that the article is good but i would make it more interesting and there is more hobbies like sport or movie watching excreta

  15. Rachel

    I think that gardening has been great during lockdown as it is an excellent stress reliever. This article is right that you don’t even need a garden to do so, you can have indoor plants

  16. Nadine

    I really think this article is very helpful, since lockdown I have been taking part in baking a lot more and have began to enjoy yoga and taking time out of my day to just reflect upon everything

  17. Amy

    This article has given me fresh ideas of things I can do to throughout lockdown that are realistic hobbies I could continue doing after all this is done

  18. K

    This is a good article and agree with it a lot, I have a ton of baking during lockdown. I have spent a lot of time in the garden as well, not necessarily gardening though.

  19. Hannah

    I think Yoga with Adrienne is great! It’s really helped me throughout lockdown

  20. Megan Croft

    watching asmr really helps with stress

  21. eudimary rodriguez

    I think they are good ideas not only to relief the levels of stress but also to discover new skills to develop or even reconect to ourselves.

  22. Jess

    I have never baked before but this has encouraged me to try it – but with help of course.

  23. Badee salloum

    It is a great article

  24. Ramita

    I think that reading a book such as “the kite runner” would be a great way to pass time and destress it is truly an amazing book!

  25. Vespa

    I think…this is a good writing and helpful good up keep it up

  26. Zaffeyq

    I think cooking and baking are most suitable for us since when cooking and baking we can also show our feelings on that food..Yeah I ❤️ you baking

  27. Aisha

    I think these are a brilliant idea. I’ve been enjoying Yoga and drawing a lot recently especially in this lockdown period. I love doing Yoga with Adriene videos too 🙂

  28. Max norris

    Those are some good ideas

  29. Heidi

    I think these are good ideas to keep you busy during lockdown, relieve stress and take your mind off corona virus and try to forget a pandemic stressing you out. Taking your dog for a walk is also relaxing. Playing board games with family is also something entertaining.

  30. Neve

    I think the best part about lockdown is spending time thinking about ourselves and our mindset. This helps us, especially me, feel grateful about how far I have become and what I need to improve on. Also personal hygiene is very important. I think we can use this period of time to our advantage whilst staying safe.

  31. Molly Sewell

    I think they are great ideas!!

  32. Molly Sewell

    im an art student so painting is good for lockdown, espcecially things that people like

  33. Harry do franco

    It’s amazing. I love Harry. Daniel is short. Huge fan of this amazing blog keep up the good work

  34. Rania

    I think that art would be a best way of de-stressing yourself as you have to concentrate on the colours you are using and what to put where. I love to paint in my free time.

  35. Honey

    I think that hobbies for lockdown are great and it so amazing to have time to learn a new skill but I also think it is a good time to slow down and relax for a while because it may be the only chance to reflect of your life so far 🙂


    I think…Reading and writting in rehersal ahead would be the best option. As an INFJ i`m much particle about reaching out and changing lives through my writthings.

  37. Phynux Desmond

    I think the best things to do during this lock down is personal hygiene and excercise and also eating of good foods and taking lots of water and to be careful with what you touch and play with and to be always making use of Nose mask when going out and washing of hands under runing water or by using hand sanitizer or alcohol base and coughing under your elbow and desposin of toilet trolls in the waste bin’s