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Articles > Coronavirus May, 04, 2020

Hobbies to Relieve Stress during Lockdown

Francesca Di Franco
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Given our current global state, you may find yourself, like many others, trapped inside and trying to find purpose in life. Consequently, you might have become glued to technology screens, whether that be scrolling through social media or binging on the latest Netflix series. But is this the best way to spend your lockdown?

Having been in lockdown for almost two months now, I have come up with some simple, effective and enjoyable hobbies that can get you out of bed and off the couch!

1. Cooking and baking

Whether you’re in lockdown with friends/family/partners or spending it alone, cooking is a great way to pass the time and can easily integrate into any part of your day.

Have you ever wondered: ‘am I hungry or just bored?’ Well, it doesn’t matter; making something sweet or savoury in the kitchen is a sure way to cure one or both of these! And getting inspiration for what to cook is just as easy. Why not dust off some of those old cook books or crack open your laptop and start Googling.

Always wanted to try and make cinnamon rolls? Lockdown is your time to shine!

2. Yoga

Looking for an exercise regime that you can actually stick to? Something that will leave you aching the next day (but not left completely immobilised)? Want an activity that you can start without the need of a physical instructor? Look no further, because yoga is the answer.

Nowadays, you can access yoga sessions from across the internet – whether it be through online channels like YouTube or via apps, there’s plenty of videos out there to get you started.

Check out:

*Down Dog are currently offering free premium access to all students until July (requires a valid student email).

3. Gardening (garden not required)

That’s right, you don’t need a garden to be a gardener.

There are so many fruits, vegetables and flowers that you can easily harvest the seeds from and then grow from scratch yourself – peppers, tomatoes and beans are a good place to start.

Plus, you don’t need any ‘proper’ plant pots to do this either! There’s so much plastic waste these days, that you can simply delve into your recycling and craft you own pot from a used egg carton or yogurt pot. You’ll soon have your own little vegetable patch and come out of this lockdown with a green finger!

4. Painting

Odds are, somewhere in your home you’ve got old paints stashed away; when better to reintroduce some colour and creativity into your life than in lockdown? And you don’t need a canvas to start painting. Why not get creative with an old t-shirt or perhaps if you’ve already started on your vegetable patch, then you could paint some of your newly crafted plant pots.

What’s brilliant about all of the above is that regardless of whether you live in a house, flat, farm, boat or any other accommodation, you can (to an extend) do any or all of these activities. And on a limited budget. The only thing you need is space.

The enjoyment and purpose you will get in return for doing something new with your time will be well worth it. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a new obsession to spend your time on for the next few months, I hope you get lots of entertainment out of these.

Do you have your own suggestions for lockdown hobbies? Tell us below in the comments section.

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