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Articles > Entertainment October, 27, 2020

Films to get you in the Halloween spirit!

The OPC Editorial Team
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Here at the OpinionPanel Community we love Halloween! I asked around the company to see what everyone’s favourite scary or Halloween-themed films  were – have you seen these? Let us know what you think in the comments below 😀

Hubie Halloween

If you’re not a fan of really scary films and would much rather a ‘wholesome’ Halloween film with the occasional creepy element – this is the film for you! It has Adam Sandler and is a new release, so is a great movie choice if you’re looking for something lighthearted and fun. ▶️This one is a Netflix original

Hocus Pocus

A Halloween classic! If you haven’t seen this make sure you do! Three witches in Salem – what more could you want? This was released in 1993 but is still as popular today because of the great cast and classic storyline. Definitely a film for the whole family to enjoy and not scary either! ▶️You can watch this on Disney+

The Purge

Okay this one isn’t really a Halloween film (especially because ‘Purge day’ is actually in March) but it’s a favourite in a ‘scary because what if it happens one day’ type of way. Make a marathon out of it by binging all 4 movies in one night! Also, now is the perfect time to watch them if you haven’t already, since the fifth film is coming out next year. ▶️The Purge:Anarchy is on Amazon Prime Video


Coraline is TERRIFYING. Anyone else feel the same?! Again, while it’s not really a Halloween themed film, it definitely has the right level of creepy to make it a good choice for watching on Halloween. Why not take it one step further and enjoy a Coraline dress up too? ▶️Unfortunately we’re not sure where you can stream this one!


Much like Hocus Pocus, this film is a 90s classic  which definitely includes everything needed for a good Halloween movie: witches, goblins, dark forces, good vs evil! The story follows a young girl who learns she is a witch with powers, taking after her grandmother who is also a witch!  ▶️Available on Disney+

So there you have it! A few recommendations from us a few of us here at the Opinion Panel!
Do you have a favourite film to watch around Halloween? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you and hear more recommendations 😄

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