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Articles > Rant May, 23, 2021

Why sexism is your problem

Zarah Sharpe
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In the wake of coronavirus and the Sarah Everard case, feminism, sexism and sexual assault have become a topic more relevant around the world.

Feminism has been around for years now, of course. However, scroll through YouTube videos of SJW cringe from about 2017, and you’ll have a different perception of it. You’ll believe that the entire movement is made up of insane white women who hate men and want to be given loads of benefits because they are women. This is a false conversation.

Feminists are not feminazis.

Granted, perhaps there are a few radical women out there who condone the enslavement of men, but they are the minority. Feminists, true feminists, want equality, and those who say we have equal rights already have never left the west.

Worldwide, women are treated as second class citizens, and even where rights are relatively equal, it has only been that way for a generation or two. A while ago, I saw fascinating point in a video discussing the differences between test scores for black and white students in America. Black students achieved substantially lower grades on this particular test than white students. Now that is a fact, and it’s a dangerous fact because it could be used to justify the sort of ‘White is Right’ argument that you hear from racists or camouflaged Nazis. This video pointed out that in America, they’d had 13 generations of slavery for these black students, four generations of segregation, and two generations of ‘equal’ rights. Therefore, how could you possibly expect them to compete as well as privileged white students? It’s the same for women, although in hugely different ways. Women were granted the privilege to sit in the House of Lords (part of parliament) in the 1960s; however, today, the chamber is still hugely unequal and massively overrepresented by men. But what can you expect!

Feminism is necessary because there are still individuals and groups out there who would strip away women’s rights. Equality is, therefore, a constant battle, not between men and women but between people and genuine monsters who would throw women back in the kitchen and with enough babies in their arms to repopulate the amazon rainforest.

Also, the treatment of women and the extension of equality has enormous ramifications on a global scale. The population is expected to peak at 12 billion; this could ultimately devastate the environment. However, the rate of population growth and the extent of female education are inversely proportional. If the rate of women gaining a university education increases, the population is expected to peak at 9 billion. Women don’t want 14 babies and a mud hut; they want an education, and if the facts say anything, it’s that women with options can change the world.

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  1. Zarah

    I think…that’s absolutely right. Also when you start to research sexism from a more academic standpoint you find out about the deeper ingrained issues such as the male default which both women and men fall into out of habit. Have you ever read a child a storybook and assigned an animal character as a ‘he’? That’s perpetuating the idea to the child that male is the default and women are the exceptions. ‘Invisible Women’ puts this all into focus amazingly.

  2. Sarah Maulson

    I think…that everyone should be treated fairly and equally as to me everyone matters no matter what sex, religion, gender, race, size, wealth etc as everyone is equal and should be treated with equal rights and respect.
    Sexism is one thing that annoys me due to the fact that men get paid more in a job that a woman works to, about how woman are seen as kitchen wives who look after the kids and run after the husband, to me that is wrong in all aspects.