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What does it take to move on after a break up?

How to move on after a break up

With a lot people going off to new universities, miles apart, I’m hoping to save some hapless lovers from the failed romantic story of following the teardrop trail left from […]

April 15, 2015 13 Comments
nice guys finish last

Nice guys deserve to finish last

So you can go on any popular dating website and in the forum section, guaranteed to be in the top 10 posts, you will find something along the lines of […]

September 2, 2013 11 Comments
Being friendzoned and how it feels

The psychology of the friend zone

What is the friend zone? In a sentence, you became unattractive and needy. This is definitely applicable to the “nice guy” and is purely aimed at the male end of […]

January 28, 2013 15 Comments

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