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  • How does it work?

    Big companies and organisations want to know what their consumers think about their brand/ service. They can do this by going to market research agencies like YouthSight (our sister company) who own a huge research panel of 16-30 year olds – The OpinionPanel Community (us), ready to share their thoughts and opinions via paid online surveys or focus groups. We also have an amazing online community where panellists can write and share articles about anything they like and even earn rewards for doing so.

    Join for free, and you’ll get £10 credit (1000 points) for completing the sign up process. Once you’re a full member, you’ll be sent survey invites via email, or you can log into your account and look under the ‘Surveys’ section under the ‘Profile & Surveys’ page to see what’s available.

    Each survey gets you with 50p – £4 (50 – 400 points) in shopping voucher credits per survey, and every time you rack up £25, we’ll send you a code to spend at any of these brands. Online discussions can get you up to £70 cash or shopping vouchers. If you don’t fit the bill for a survey, we’ll enter you into our monthly prize draw to win a Kindle – not bad, eh?

    We’re proud to be the UK’s largest youth research service of its kind and it couldn’t be easier to join. There’s no catch, you can do as many surveys as you like, it’s completely safe (we’re a certified MRS partner company) and best of all… IT’S FREE!

    So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

  • What is a focus group?

    You may be invited to attend online or face-to-face focus groups. This is where you will be asked to participate in a discussion with a group of other people, about a product or idea. Click here to read more about focus groups.
  • Where are all the surveys?

    As soon as a survey becomes available for you, it will be visible on the ‘Profile & Surveys’ page after you log in, under the ‘Surveys’ heading. You will also get invited to surveys via email. So while you’re waiting to receive one, why not amuse yourself by reading an article or two?

  • What do I get for completing a survey?

    100 points equates to a £1 voucher. You’ll get £10 (1000 points) just for being a member, and you can collect points by taking part in surveys which typically offer 50 – 400 points each. Once you reach 2500 points, you will be sent a shopping voucher code, which can be used at loads of online and high street stores.

  • Is this a scam?

    No, we’re a real company based in Shoreditch (28-30 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2AH) and we recently celebrated our 12th birthday! We’ve worked for loads of huge brands and universities and spend hundreds of pounds to reward our hard-working members. If you’re still unsure, feel free to check out our reviews on feefo, check out our Twitter and Facebook or our mention on Save The Student! If not, give us a call on 020 7374 0997 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any other questions you have.
  • Do I have to pay anything?

    No, we will never ask for any payment details – signing up and completing surveys is completely free… we pay YOU for your opinions! Also, you are free to join and leave anytime you wish and free to complete only those surveys you are interested.

  • How do i join?

    You can click here to sign up or the JOIN button above in the navigation bar.

  • My situation has changed. How can I update my details?

    All you have to do is sign into your account and click on the ‘Update details’ option under the ‘Profile & Surveys’ page. You will be given the option to select the status which most closely resembles your own. You will then be able to update your details. This should only take a few minutes to do and can really boost your chances of getting more surveys, and reducing screen outs.

  • Will you send me spam or sell my data?

    No and no! We have a no spam guarantee – we don’t carry any advertising on our site and will never try to sell you anything – ever.

    Also, we will never pass any of your details to anyone, not even our clients. We are a MRS certified agency. Click here to read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • How often will you send me surveys?

    This depends on many things – we don’t invite all members to complete every survey. Instead we use a sampling method where we select the required number of members based on their demographic profile (e.g. gender, year of study, course subject etc.). This makes our surveys representative of the population but also means it is difficult to predict just how often you will be contacted. We endeavour to contact everyone fairly and we’re running more and more surveys all the time!

  • I’ve just completed a questionnaire. Where’s my incentive?

    Your points total can take a little while to update after you have completed the survey. If you haven’t received your point after a day or two please do get in touch and we will sort things out.

    If you’re expecting a BonusBond voucher in the post, please allow a couple of weeks for it to arrive by post.

    £25 vouchers are sent out manually (once you reach the redemption level of 2500 points), so please allow a 2 – 5 working days for it to arrive to your email inbox (also check your junk folders!)

  • How will I receive my £25voucher when I have earned 2500 points?

    We manually ward our vouchers twice a week which means there can be a delay in getting them out to you, so please be patient with us. We send out vouchers at the beginning of each week and to keep up to date on when to expect yours, please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages, where we regularly post updates.

    The voucher will be sent to your personal email address and if it doesn’t arrive within a week or so of you reaching 2500 points, please drop us a line.

  • I’ve changed my email address/home address/etc

    You can easily change your information by updating your profile. To do this, log in and click on ‘Profile & Surveys’, and click on the ‘Update my details’ section. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry – just drop us an email at

  • I’ve forgotten my login details

    Don’t worry, it happens. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it by clicking “Forgotten your password” under the login button. If you can’t remember which email address it is, then drop us an email at and we can help.

  • I am having technical problems completing a survey. What should I do?

    That sucks. Try another browser (that usually does the job) and if that doesn’t work, forward your survey invite to describing the issues you’re having. It can happen for a variety of reasons, and support will be able to guide you best.

  • How do I leave the panel?

    We will miss you terribly, but if you really do want to leave, drop us an email at and we will close your account. You can also unsubscribe immediately by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ text at the bottom of the last email you received from us.

  • I’ve unsubscribed, why am i still getting e-mails?

    You will not be sent any survey invitations for new surveys and projects, however you may still be sent invitations for any existing surveys you were a part of. These will be ending shortly, so please ignore any emails you receive from us… you have been unsubscribed!

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