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Internships Funded by Hefce

David Matthews THE

An internship scheme funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England has managed to place around one in three […]

July 6, 2011 No Comments

Graduate Employment Up but Salaries Stagnate

David Matthews THE

The number of new graduates finding employment has risen for the first time since the beginning of the credit crunch, […]

July 4, 2011 No Comments

Internships – Career Opportunity or Exploitation Opportunity?

Andrew Scherer, Inspiring Interns, Marketing Manager

Internships have been all over the press lately.  Chelsea defender Ashley Cole recently shot one (by accident).  Is this a […]

March 1, 2011 5 Comments

Making the Most of Graduate Job Rejections

Natasha Footman, University of Cambridge, Jesus College, 3rd year Geography student

At the beginning of this academic year, I had high hopes for my career. I was starting my final year […]

January 5, 2011 12 Comments

Graduate Earnings Uncovered

The 1994 Group

Universities are delivering on student expectations of higher graduate salaries, according to a new report by the 1994 Group of […]

November 27, 2008 No Comments

Degrees of debt

Over the past decade annual student debt has increased by a staggering 167% – from £1.2 billion to £3.2 billion, […]

August 14, 2007 No Comments

Students turn to bankruptcy

Sky News

New research from, carried out by Opinionpanel Research showed the average student now owed £11,123 when they graduated, compared […]

August 14, 2007 No Comments

Graduate run up record debts

Finance Week

If the graduates you recruit are bargaining rather harder than they used to over salaries, it’s because they’re staring bankruptcy […]

August 14, 2007 No Comments

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