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Articles > Relationships February, 11, 2019

Love Never Dies, Especially not Online!

Jessica Pardoe
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6.51 / 10

If you’re wondering what to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day, why not get them a chunk of the internet?

Yep – you heard that right! You can now buy a chunk of the Internet for your partner, just in time for Valentine’s Day this year. Taking advantage of how “what goes on the Internet stays there forever,” and construing it in a refreshingly positive light is the revolutionary organisation, 1000 Couples.

Their site, which claims to be the most romantic space on the Internet, offers users a ‘forever space’ on the site wherein customers can leave their spouse a romantic note and couple it with a picture that’ll remain on the site indelibly. The initiative stays true to its name, only offering 1000 couples exclusive spaces on their site, and positions are already being snapped up by those wishing to give their other halves something a little more unique this Valentine’s Day.

The project will run from now until the 14th of February, promising to release a bespoke collage of all participants on the big day. Plus, with half of all profits being donated to charity, it’s a campaign with a cause, too (and everybody knows I’m a big advocate for being generous). Those wishing to gift their partner can do so directly via the website, for a fee which will increase by $1 (0.78p) every time somebody signs up.

Wanting to find out a little more about the initiative, I spoke with Harry, who was one of the first to grab a spot on 1000 couples. He said, “I met my wife [Nikita] 8 years ago online so the internet has always been a part of our love story. I tried 1000 Couples because I was impressed at the level of ingenuity & the flavour of romance in it. My wife loves Valentine’s Day & I wanted to gift her something unique. The price was a little steep but since the business donates 50% of all its profits to charity, it was fine for me, and so I went ahead with it.”

I love this whole idea. The timeless gift offers a legacy that can be passed down via generations. We already know that the internet isn’t going anywhere, so how lovely an idea that your future kids and all those thereafter can search for your name online and find a declaration of your love for one and other? Can your ‘gift guide’ presents do that, huh?

Speaking to the founder of the project too, he revealed that “the idea of launching 1000 Couples came to me when I saw many couples posting their lovely pictures and messages during the holiday season last month. I thought; let me make a website that creates a list of such 1000 people who wish to post a lovely photo and message for their partner.”

“At the same time, I promised my wife that we will buy our ‘own house’ before her 30th birthday, which comes on June 2019. So, my mind was continuously working on ideas which are legal but can give me quick wins. I realised that I can make a business out of 1000 Couples, and so I worked on it for 2 weeks and launched the website. Since I wanted a small slice of the profit for my personal use, I decided that I will donate 50% of profits to the charity,” he added.

Proving, ahead of the most loved-up day of the year, that love is indeed everlasting, this is really a lovely gift idea. The sentiment of a present that gives you more.

Take my money now!

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