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Who are we?

The OpinionPanel Community is a paid online research panel that has been rewarding 13-30 year olds since 2004. We work with our parent company Savanta (an award-winning market research agency), and together, it’s our aim to reward young people for sharing their opinions via online surveys . What sets us apart?  We try and pay our panellists a little bit more for taking part in surveys (often up to £4) and focus groups (often up to £50). And we try to remain relevant to our young audiences – which is why we’ve built a community of bloggers on our site with over 1000 fascinating articles on everything from fake news to charity shops, school uniforms to how to de-stress).

In total we are 140,000 members strong and growing: the UK largest youth research panel. Check out our How It Works page for everything you need to know about being a member of The OpinionPanel Community!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! We conduct research with big brands, companies and even the Government, who all want to hear your opinion on different topics. We gather up their questions and pay you to answer them! So why not take advantage of these paid opportunities and get your voice heard at the same time? Your views will frequently end up contributing to political polls, or get fed back to policymakers, brand strategists or help universities to improve their student experience…  As an OpinionPanel Community member you have a lot of clout!

We are members of Fair Data and a Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner bound by the MRS code of conduct. We only do market research, we’ll never send unwanted emails, give personal details to anyone or try and sell anything to you. So everything our members tell us remains confidential and anonymous.

What do we do in our spare time?

We are big supporters of World Land Trust, a charity that works to protect threatened habitats and endangered species throughout the world.  We recently funded the purchase of 5 properties (12 acres in total) adjacent to the Pangi Forest Reserve in Borneo, helping to protect the critically endangered Bornean Orang-utan. We also support other charities like Nightline Association.

Any Questions?

If you have any burning questions check our Help Centre, or if that doesn’t give you your answer, contact us!