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Articles > Student Life February, 20, 2019

What You Might Not Know About Apprenticeships

Beth Bartlett
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A-Levels are important for University or Degree Level Apprenticeships, but if you’re not considering these options, what other choices are there?

After receiving my GCSE results, I enrolled in my school’s sixth form without thinking through my other options. However, after reconsidering my priorities, I am now doing an apprenticeship scheme for a Law Firm in Bristol as a Case Handler to get my Level 3 Business Administration qualification.

I think part of the reason I didn’t initially consider apprenticeships, is because they are still seen as inferior. But getting a job, getting paid, and still getting a qualification sounds great! So, if like me, you feel that your school is not telling you about apprenticeships or is portraying them in a negative way, I’m going to tell you about my experience.

You can find apprenticeships on the Government website.

Apprenticeships run at every level, I’m on a level-3 which is equivalent to A-Levels. But you can take a degree level apprenticeship after your A-Levels running from Level-4 to 7. Meaning you can do what I have and start an Apprenticeship after your A-Levels or you can do what I wish I did and do an Apprenticeship after I finished my GCSEs.

Finally, I’ve created a list of the top benefits of Apprenticeships:

1. You get real experience that many people your age, don’t have
2. You can do an Apprenticeship in something you enjoy.
3. You get paid, sometimes extremely well.
4. You still get the Student Discounts
5. You manage your academic workload
6. The company you work for pays for your qualification (no student debt!)
7. It makes you more proactive and mature

I hope you now feel you know more about apprenticeships, but if you are considering an Apprenticeship and want some advice/have a question, please feel free to leave a comment. I’ll try and help out!


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  1. Holly Hoare

    I am in the same position as Beth and agree with everything above! My sixth form were very university-orientated. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship, having real life experiences as well as being paid is the best start to adult life. Apprenticeships nowadays are specifically designed for people who are leaving sixth form who want to develop but not get the debts of going to uni.