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Articles > Student Life January, 28, 2020

Ed-YOU-Cation: Results only happen when you make them

Carly Golder
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5.50 / 10

Education. Why bother? It can be pretty dull at times, but is it a waste of time? I say no! Here’s why:

Education is not just a process of providing systematic instructions – it deals with fundamental principles of development and helps each and every one of us to prepare for future careers by allowing us to choose different academic paths. If you’re unsure of how your education can be of value to you, reach out for help and advice. The right path is out there, you just need help finding it!

Coming from a small-town background with limited resources, my educational achievement depended very heavily on my own actions and decisions. As a result, my ability to excel in education declined and the likelihood of studying for a degree slipped further and further away as my school years progressed. Over time, my performance suffered to the point where my GCSEs were not considered to be enough for further studies, and my future goals eventually disappeared altogether.

However, a few months later I made the decision to move to the city and with there being so many opportunities, my dream to attend University was once again a goal. After looking at options for resitting my GCSEs, I chose a one-year Access Course and with a lot of hard work, I got the results needed to attend University. Now, after huge amounts of determination and effort, I’m proud to say that I’ll be graduating very soon!

I believe anyone is capable of doing the same as long as they truly desire to succeed. Even for the larger goals you have in mind, it only requires a motivational attitude and constant determination to make sure you see things through.

For additional information about alternative options to university please visit:

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