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Articles > Results August, 14, 2020

My A Level Results Day Experience

Jennifer Louise Mackie McCreedy
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Thousands of students received results yesterday that they hoped would be fairly calculated based on mock results and teachers predicted grades. However, many students have been left confused, with grades lower than what they expected. In this article, Jennifer talks about her experience of results day…

I have received some grades that I personally don’t understand.

Whilst the grades I have received see me into my firm choice (University of York), I am completely clueless as to how these grades were calculated and, sadly, it seems that the Gov also share this confusion. My predicted grades were 3 A’s for Sociology, Drama and Theatre Studies and English Language with a B for English Literature. However, the grades I have received completely deviate from the predictions by the members of staff who have taught me for two years.

I have been awarded 3 B’s in place of A’s and 1 A in place of a B. For the past two years I have dedicated my life to achieving high grades to get myself into University and a more secure place later on in life. I have made many sacrifices, suffered from severe depression, anxiety and other medical conditions not helped by stress all to achieve good grades which I now don’t have.

This clownery completely degrades the importance so many students place upon their qualification. Through GCSE and A-Level study, school becomes a young person’s full time job. We are forced by law to remain in education, only for them to turn around and do this? I don’t claim to have the answers for this question, I really don’t but I feel so betrayed, hurt and terrified of the future. I almost didn’t get into University, but I’m technically fine…

But what happens for the students who haven’t? What about the students who aren’t upset because their B isn’t an A, but because their D isn’t a C? What about the students who were reliant upon exams to pull up their grades? Or more generally, the students who may not be able to cope with the news of their failures?

What happens to them?

Do we simply need to quick up a fuss and in a few days Big lad Boris will rock onto our screens making a blanket apology and promise reform?

Whilst I am beginning a dialogue with my college about a possible appeal, I feel completely alone and confused as to who assigned me these grades and why? How has the system completely reversed predictions by teaching staff who have taught me for two years, marked my work and known me personally? Why were there changes being made the calculations mere days before the release of them grades, rather than listen to criticism by teachers, pupils and the general public during the past few months? How is this an acceptable situation by the Government and examination boards?

Why am I sat in my living room, tear stained cheeks, alone and confused on a day that was meant to be a celebration of all the hard work I have put in for the past 2 years with my family and friends?

I feel like I was never the focal point in the calculation and discussion of my grades, only the meaningless numbers that ‘represent’ my efforts over my school years such as SAT scores, GCSEs and my past two years of study for my A-Levels…

Then again, I still don’t understand what was used in this calculation, which figures were used and who pushed my grades up and down because as students we have yet to receive a clear answer as to the figures used to find our worth, a sick game of alphabet soup.

But, for the time being, I know mine.



Can you resonate with Jennifer’s experience? Tell us about it in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories.

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