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Articles > LGBTQ+ June, 18, 2021

Celebrating Pride in 2021

The OPC Editorial Team
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Last year, Pride events around the country were cancelled completely due to the pandemic. This year, things are really looking up, and while they may be a little different, many events are still going ahead! How are you going to get involved? Let us know in the comments below 👇

Enjoy yourself!

To get started, have a go at finding some Pride events, whether in person or virtually! Events websites are great for finding what’s going on, but also ask friends and family for recommendations.

There’s something for everyone, from casual meet-ups to online quizzes and drag performances, there’s a massive range of events happening this year! And of course, throughout the summer look out for the Pride parades in your nearest town/city 🤩

Do your bit for the community, be an ally✌

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Bring awareness to societal issues, where you can.
  • Give to charities or volunteer your time.
  • Supporting businesses that donate to LGBTQ+ causes.
  • Wear your rainbow with pride!

Every little helps – while these things can be done all year round, there is even more attention in June! Many companies and small businesses will create specific ranges this month, most of which promise to give back to the community via donation of profits! (Tip: avoid the ones that don’t support charities!)

Have a small business that’s celebrating Pride? Drop a link in the comments below to get the word out! Or, you can email us at and we could feature you!

We’ll also have more opportunities to showcase your small businesses in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out 👀

We’d love to hear how you’ve been celebrating Pride this year, and how you’ll continue to celebrate! Let us know in the comments below what you’ll be doing 😊

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  1. anonymous

    For pride this year i have been celebrating in silence…living in a toxic homophobic household its difficult for them to shift their ideologies to acceptance let alone support. however that does not mean i am not able to love the way i am. i don’t need a marque, balloons or party poppers. i needed to listen to myself and stop giving into my compulsory normative tendencies and thoughts when indeed i am not. I come from a south Asian Muslim own family and my parents constantly believed a person must marry a male. So realising i was homosexual whilst i used to be 16 meant I kept it to myself. I concept people could hate me – all I heard was humans around me announcing: “It’s disgusting.” i was scared, trapped, complete of anger because I didn’t realise the way to specific how scared i used to be and didn’t know what to do. might my dad kick me out? It made me suppose faith wasn’t for me. that’s type of awkward due to the fact I stay subsequent to a mosque – which my dad owns.

    It was simplest when I enrolled at a performing arts college at 18 that I commenced to simply accept myself. at the beginning I advised my two great friends – to test the water, actually, to peer if I could resist rejection. before everything they have been adequate after which 3 days later they stated it changed into wrong and i shouldn’t be doing that. I haven’t heard from them for the reason that. I surpassed them in the road the opposite day and that they walked past me like I didn’t exist.

    I instructed my mum through textual content. I said: “I’ve saved it in for so long; I wanted to tell you for years but I couldn’t.” She texted again right away: “you can trade.” when my dad located out, he notion I might be cured. I needed to go away. I stayed with my girlfriend at the time for some time before going lower back. It become simply difficult for some time – I had depression, tension, it became a lot more difficult than for my boyfriend, who comes from an English, non-non secular own family. however I don’t remorse it. the whole lot that’s occurred has made me so much stronger.