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Articles > Money September, 24, 2019

Interview With A Screenout Prize Draw Winner

Elysia Benn
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5.86 / 10

We interviewed one of the most recent winners of our Screenout Prize Draw to find out what she is planning to do with her £50 voucher!

How long have you been a member of The OpinionPanel Community?

I have been a member for around 4 years, and I love it! It’s such a good way of helping out companies and of course getting rewarded for doing so.

What did you think when you got the email about winning a voucher?

I honestly didn’t think it was real! I was in such shock, but completely amazed and was already trying to choose a store to redeem it at in my head.

What shop(s) have you redeemed/are you going to redeem your voucher at?

I chose a Love2Shop voucher because it can be used in various different places. It’s perfect for my shopping trips because I can visit every shop.

What are you going to spend your voucher on?

I am not too sure yet but I am going on a Trafford Centre trip soon so I am sure something will catch my eye! I think it will probably be clothes for my upcoming holiday though.

What’s your favourite survey you’ve completed for The OpinionPanel Community?

I actually enjoy all of the surveys; they are always on such varied topics.

What’s your worst/funniest experience with one of our surveys?

I have never really had a worst experience with any of the surveys because they are all enjoyable. I guess my funniest was not realising that I had won this prize and thinking it couldn’t be real! I even emailed to double check!


What would you spend your Screenout Prize Draw voucher on?


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