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Articles > Student Life October, 27, 2020

Four tips for university during lockdown

Tamzin Kelsall
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University can be an exciting and daunting time but this year, it is a very different year so many students will be left feeling lonely and confused. To all students, whether you’re living away from home, commuting, studying full time or part time – Well done for taking the plunge at such a time because you will not regret it!

We asked you on Twitter whether you’re staying home during Lockdown2! :

Read on for Tamzin’s four tips on doing university studies during lockdown (especially if you’re staying away from home at university!):

1. Keep yourself busy

Every blogger might say this, but I really mean it. Take a seat on your bed or chair and have a look around your room. Have a deep think about what needs completing whether that be your assignment (I know we all hate these, but you will feel great after it is finished!) or taking the bins out. If you can create a list of goals that you want to complete through the week then it will make it a lot easier for you to stop being left with your own thoughts.

2. Make a meal plan

Planning out the meals you will consume through the week is an excellent way of keeping yourself motivated. We all know that students love the pot noodles but be creative and make a colourful board that will get you excited to eat! It can be even more fun if you go online and get some inspiration and try some new meals ideas. Once you’ve inspiration, make a list of ingredients and go food shopping. An easy way of coping with lockdown, as well as making excellent food.

3. Make time to call/video your family

Without lockdown, it would make it a lot easier to go and see your family/friends. With lockdown, it makes it impossible (literally). Moving out to university, can be a daunting area therefore it is important for you to keep your contacts and regularly speak to your favourite people. Make a time where you can call, or video call these people and it will brighten your day. Let them know how you are feeling and what you have been doing even if that is just taking a walk because I am sure they will be excited to know how you are doing.

4. Relax

Lastly, try and relax. University can be stressful without the added pressure from lockdown measures. You have your usual online lectures and seminars but make time where you relax and do what you want to do. Get your comfiest pyjamas on, make a nice cuppa and watch your favourite tv show! Take this time to look back on what you have achieved and be proud of yourself. This would also be a great idea to do at the end of the week so that you can write another goal list for the next week so that you will stay motivated.

What do you think of these tips? Will you be trying any of them out? 😁

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  1. Ikeyah

    I think…this is an informative article. Its given me lots of tips. I find it hard working from home.

  2. Esther

    I think… I think it is best for the students to remain in the homes for now and continue with the online classes till this deadly virus is being eradicated

  3. Casey

    I really like this article! Good tips and I will use these whilst in lockdown.

  4. Ryan Johnson

    I think that this is a good article. I would never have thought to meal plan as something to do ! Normally just get whatever I have the cupboard.