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Articles > Work & Training February, 02, 2021

My business start up as a sixth former

Robert Dowsett
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In this blog post I’ll be writing about my experience with setting up a business during the last couple of years of education. Keep reading if you’re interested in business or just how I did it!

My new business start up as a 17 year old has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far…

I’m sure it will continue to be so moving forward, with people not buying into my principals and dedication at the start but beginning to see my aspirations as I worked. Between my A- Levels, friends and sport I really don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but I have managed to use that time to research and build up my new company.

Recently I founded Drazon PCs! 🖥️

It’s a custom pc building company which I aimed to have a new approach to the art of selling prebuilt computers, with each machine being tailored specifically to the customers needs. But, to begin with I struggled to garner the audience to my social media and website, which I had dedicated many hours to building on wix ( I felt I was ready to pursue the next step but without the support and customer base I couldn’t get any sales, which for a business is clearly an issue.

My plan was…

  • To give the customer a completely comfortable, professional and (most importantly) a personal experience.
    • This would help them break into the world of comupting but also provide them with the perfect PC.
  • Attend to their PC needs whatever the specification or budget.
  • Achieve all of this at a lower cost than generic PC builders.

This is a philosophy I maintain to this day, as it is truly the customer’s experience which defines both the success of your company and your own pride in your business.

This is the message I intend to spread to my future customer base that all they must do is contact me and feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to help them in whatever way possible.

So I looked into marketing campaigns and how to spread my brand and grow, my first port of call was advertising at my school but I found that my ads were largely ineffective at achieving anything apart from a few Jokes which really doesn’t translate to building contracts effectively.

Next came a referral system involving giving 5% to anyone who could get me a customer costing me around half my profits on any build. But it was this that got me off the ground with my first couple sales, as offering this incentive for people to go and talk about my brand was super helpful and helped my gain a lot of website traction, and I am still running this programme to this day (more info at my site).

I am still looking to grow further and try and increase sales UK wide, as I know that I can offer a great service while saving the customer money at the same time, so I am looking into advertising on Instagram and other social media platforms to grow my online presence and that is my next growth step for the future.

My biggest bit of advice…

For anyone looking to go down the same sort of line, be it computers or other ventures, would be to do it because its something you enjoy and not for the money. This is because as a new start up you aren’t going to be making any money at the start (And may even lose due to ads and setting up your website etc) and you have to be committed to the cause of growing your brand and be willing to risk failure as to be honest that is likely the path to begin with.
If you are determined though and push through the hard start then I’m certain anyone can make their business goals as long as you are realistic about them, this is the motto I took into the development of my own company and it’s what I hop you have gained from this little blog insert.

Thanks a lot for reading and if any of you could drop by my site ( to give me improvement tips etc it would be greatly appreciated. I wish all of you the best of luck moving forward and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything

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