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Articles > Music April, 08, 2021

5 R&B songs you should listen to that make your day

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During the pandemic, sometimes we may feel depressed and bored. Perhaps listening to some music lifts your mood, so here are several song recommendations that may be your great morning starters (at least that is the case for me)! My favourite genre is R&B, so that’s what I’ve gone for!

1. Pink Sweat$ – At my Worst
‘At my Worst’ is one of my recent favourites that brings a light mood and melody. The song has meaning in terms of bringing out the message of ‘true love is tested’. We may often think of the positive sides of a relationship. However, this song carries on an important message of genuine love: despite we all want to give in as human beings – everyone wants to be loved – a person who loves you ‘at your worst’ is the most real and precious love of all.

We may often question life, changes and the so-called duration of what these dreams and realities last long. This song may remind you of your highs and lows with a comfortable rhythm.

Just as Pink Sweat$ says, enjoy his implications of ‘Don’t love me when everything is shining and nice. Love me when everything is chaotic and crazy.’

2. The simple things – Michael Carreon
As the name suggests, the song focuses on the simplicity of life. In midst of the pandemic, it becomes difficult to communicate. We often think of the past – memories of spending with your loved ones – as the lyrics goes ‘It’s the simple things you do, I just can’t get enough of you’. The entirety of purity is manifested.

I would definitely recommend you to listen to this song when you simply want to have some light moods 🙂

3. Officially missing you – Tamia (cover by Jayesslee)
The pandemic makes us harder to meet up with various people – family, partner, friends etc.

The song ‘Officially missing you’ straightforwardly showcases the distance of relationships, wherein people could not see each other such frequently as before. With the word ‘officially’ being used, it recognises a confirmation or decision to miss the person who listens to that song.

A taking from the pandemic has enabled me to distinguish the fundamental people in my life that I would like to spend more time with.

4. Everlasting – Albert Posis
‘Everlasting’ somehow echoes Pink Sweat$’s insight on the matter of duration. This is also rather straightforward in terms of confession.

This song gives you a smooth and relaxing vibe, which is awesome to listen to in the early morning.

On a side note, some may feel this song is too slow. You may turn the speed into a faster one, perhaps a 1.25x if you’d like to get somewhat excited.

5. Blue and Grey – BTS
With this recent song produced by the popular South Korean Boy band group – Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, the melody brings the feel of being isolated during the pandemic.

Dissecting the song name on the surface, the colours – blue and grey – depicts the reality of negativity, including the induced feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Despite the heaviness of the song, it sheds light on a self-reflection of portraying hope and faith towards the future and uncertainty. The belief of ‘rainbow after rain’ is everlasting.

We’re all in this together!

Do you have a playlist you’d like to share? Link it in the comments below and let other people enjoy it too!

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