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Articles > School June, 15, 2021

Ten things you’ll understand if you had online school during lockdown

Isobel Dann
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Lockdown has provided us with many things, such as activism, TikTok trends and time for hobbies and self-development. However, it has also deprived us of many things, such as social interaction, real school and even flour! This shared experience means we can all relate to each other, and here are some things every student who had online school can definitely relate to:

1. Failing to access online lessons

Joining Teams meetings (or whichever system your school used) was inevitably a huge struggle. The links would frequently fail, or you would be left in the waiting room desperately texting your friends to tell the teacher to let you in!

2. Waking up late and missing a lesson

Missing lessons was a frequent activity for me! Waking up, only to see that it is 2:00 pm already and you have missed your first two periods happened a little too often to be accidental.

3. Having to strategically place your camera

Lunch at school was shortened, and the 30min break was not sufficient to finish the meal, so we all became experts at sneakily eating food during lessons. The camera also had to exclude your outfit. Often changing was too much effort, so you’d find yourself in pyjamas having to angle the camera to avoid capturing the OOTD!

4. Emails from your teacher about missing work

These seemed to become far to recurrent, as keeping up with work became a more difficult task each day.

5. Crying

It has been over a year, and this time has been accompanied by many, many tears. Often induced by school but ranging from a sad movie to running out of toilet paper, regardless of the reason, the crying has been ubiquitous.

6. Late assignments

Online school’s constant reminders of missing or late assignments are something every student can relate to! And typically, as time went on, both the amount of work we did and the level of care we actually had to complete the absent work decreased.

7. Walks

We all know that being stuck at a desk all day causes serious back pain, so online school led to lots and lots of walks to avoid spending a whole day staring at a screen which no fresh air.

8. Following TikTok and DIY trends

Whether this was dying your hair, creating whipped coffee, dancing or tie dying clothing, all students tried some social media trend to pass the time stuck at home. And all your creations looked amazing!

9. Tiredness from walking around again

Everyone who was stuck at home during lockdown (one and two), can relate to the physical pain from returning to normal activity levels. Gone are the days of sitting down for hours, and this new-found movement has led to increased tiredness and even pain, our bodies just aren’t used to being so active!

10. Unexpected joy from being back at school

Before lockdown, no one ever suspected missing school could be a possibility. In fact, I’m sure many people relate to the elation I felt at originally thinking we would get a 2-week break. But soon this transformed into boredom and even (dare I say) missing school. In fact, returning and seeing all our friends has been a highlight of this period of time!

Overall, lockdown has been a stressful experience sometimes, and a fun experience at other times, but at least we can all reminisce over our shared experiences and similar sentiments. Hopefully, regardless of what you did during lockdown you gained something, whether that be wisdom, life lessons or a new hairstyle, and now make sure you take advantage of every second you have of freedom!

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  1. Halima

    I think…I totally relate to all of this, especially the turning in assignments late.

  2. AishaName

    I think…deffo relate to the crying loooooool