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Articles > Environment August, 27, 2021

How achievable is sustainable living in 2021?

Nasima Begum
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Sustainable living is more than just recycling, shopping at thrift stores, and abstaining from the use of plastic. To create a difference, greater measures must be taken for the Earth to become a better place.

It is predicted that without significant change in the next 12 years, Earth will undergo a catastrophic climate crisis. This will make our planet uninhabitable…

No action taken will result in an increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and wildfires, etc. These will devastate communities all over the world. Currently, one of our biggest issues regarding the climate crisis is the rising greenhouse gas emissions. For a healthy planet, is vital that we cut these in half by 2030,, but how do we achieve this?

The way the world operates has made it more difficult than ever to live sustainably. Major contributors to the increasing greenhouse gas emissions are a part of our everyday lives. A simple switch from buying plastic water bottles to filling a reusable bottle will not create the impact we need. For change, we must focus on the issues of today.

Reduce energy usage

With technology becoming a more prominent part of our lives it may be difficult to achieve complete removal of energy consumption. A daily reduction, however, can be highly beneficial for not only the Earth but for an individual’s mental health as well.

I recommend implementing screen time limits on your devices. Once you have reached your chosen time limit, you are more likely to participate in more eco-friendly activities than mindlessly scrolling through your social media. Spending less time on your phone allows you to charge it less which further decreases your energy consumption. Over time, your decreased screen time will add up and result in a smaller carbon footprint, bringing us a step closer to a happier and healthier planet.

Eat less meat

Globally, we consume around 350 million tons of meat each year which plays a major role in climate change. As a meat-eater myself it is unlikely that I will completely cut out meat in my diet however there are actions that we can all take. One of my favourite challenges to partake in is Veganuary where for the entire month of January I mimic a vegan lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to cut down on your meat consumption. When repeated every year this means great benefits for the environment.

Bikes are better

Some may argue that the implementation of a congestion charge, ULEZ, and additional cycle lanes has brought more harm than good. But, if successful, they will improve the condition of our environment. By cycling more often you greatly decrease your carbon footprint; creating a healthier world as well as a healthier life for you as an individual.

Create your own products, and avoid single use plastics

One of the most exciting and enjoyable activities I engage in to live more sustainably is by creating my own beauty products. Constantly repurchasing products and throwing out old plastic is detrimental to our planet. Common household items can be combined to create the perfect scrubs, lip balms, and perfumes. Put these products in the same bottle you were about to throw away! By using all-natural ingredients ensures that your creation is safe to use on all people too.

We’d love to hear about the ways you’ve been aiming for sustainable living in your daily lives. Let us know in the comment section below!

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