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Articles > Life January, 14, 2022

Regrets? Read this…

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Dwelling on regrets can leave us being stuck in the past and not progressing forward at the pace we’d like. 😢 Can relate? Read on for some tips that will hopefully help you move past those feelings!

Regret: wishing you could go back in time and change your words/ actions.

You may feel anxious, embarrassed or annoyed thinking back to something you said or did in the past. It’s something everyone experiences so know that you’re not alone! While it can be common, that doesn’t mean it’s not emotionally taxing and therefore something you want to help and overcome.

Forgive yourself

It may be that you reacted a certain way and regret it. There are some questions you can ask yourself. For example, if you regret saying something in a tense conversation, you can ask yourself “Do I stand by my reaction or could my feelings have been expressed in another way?”. This can help to break down the thought process. In understanding why something happened, you’re halfway there to changing it to something you’re more happy with!

This may also involve forgiving others that may have contributed or been involved. Ask yourself the same questions about them and see if that helps with your understanding.

Think about what you can learn

It can be easy to fixate on negatives surrounding something you did or didn’t do in the past. Rather than dwell on what you can’t change, think about the positive impacts that your decisions did have. This may mean flipping the whole situation on its head and looking at it from a different angle. Remember there are always ways to make the most out of situations, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.

Ultimately, whatever happened has happened. Accept it, or you won’t be able to move past it! Think about what can be learnt from the experience so you have a chance to take responsibility and grow from it.

And finally, remember no one is perfect! Everyone makes mistakes or does things they regret – it is part of being human. If it helps, share your experience in the comments below to see if others can relate and provide some advice!

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