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Articles > Coronavirus November, 12, 2020

10 things you can do in Lockdown 2.0 to benefit mental health

Holly Thomas
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Now that we’re in a second lockdown, many are dreading the short daylight hours and darker evenings but as we gear up to hunker down for another time remember to do things that can benefit your mental health like:

1.Get Some Exercise🏃‍♀️

Why not try a home workout or a bit of yoga. If that’s not really your thing, exercising outdoors isn’t limited this time so go out and get some fresh air, wrap up and go for a walk, jog, or even a bike ride. Take time out to explore your area, enjoy your surroundings and be active. It helps clear your mind and pass time.


Catch up with family or check up on friends during this lockdown. You’re not alone in this situation as everyone is in the same boat and may be feeling the same way as you so its good to talk and share your experiences. Facetime is better than a phone conversation as you are basically having face to face interaction and seeing a familiar face will boost your mood too.

3.Get Ready For Christmas🎄

It had to make the list. As we are all expecting, Christmas will be different this year but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still enjoy the build up to it. For many people, Christmas is a joyful time and helps lift their mood. Lockdown can be a time to decide what you’re getting people for Christmas, do some online shopping and maybe treat yourself too.

4.Have A Bath🛀

If you are lucky enough to have a bath in your house/flat then why not put it to some use. Relax your muscles and unwind in a lovely warm cuddle of a bath whilst it’s cold outside. Why not have a bath bomb or add some bubbles. Indulge yourself because self care is important!

5.Listen To A Podcast Or Audiobook🎧

Podcasts and audiobooks are great for relaxing to and there are so many to choose from depending on what you love and what kind of mood you’re in. They also keep your mind active as you imagine the scenarios and conversations that you are listening to without having to read anything.

6.Get Creative🎨

No matter your art skills you can have fun and pass the time by creating your own masterpiece. Drawing your view from your window, scrapbooking all the good times or all-out abstract painting can all be done at home and DIY sets are easy to get online (Tie-dye, macrame, cross-stitching etc) if you want to try something new. You may even discover a new little hobby.

7.Cook Your Favourite Meal🍛

We all baked banana bread the first time round but why not cook your favourite meal this lockdown. Not only will you feel proud at wowing yourself with your culinary skills, you’ll have a proper meal (not just space food noodles again) and your body will thank you for it.

8.Watch Your Favourite Movie Or Tv Show📺

For days when we don’t feel up to much; get some of your favourite sweets, a hot chocolate and have a duvet day rewatching your comfort films and tv shows (Harry Potter anyone?).

9.Get Cleaning And Organising🖊️

An organised space is an organised mind right? Or something like that… I know it feels a bit daunting at first but once you get going and start seeing a difference it will make you feel so much better, less cluttered and more hygienic. You’ll be able to know where things will be when you need them too.

10.Take Every Day As It Comes📅

The most important point on this list. Don’t worry that you aren’t being as productive as you ‘should be’ during lockdown and don’t compare yourself to others. This is an experience that no one has the right answer to as each person is different and will react to Lockdown in different ways. Do things that you want to do to make yourself feel better, not because you feel obligated to because ‘that’s what everyone else is doing’. Take things steady and look after yourselves because you are important and this is just one moment in the rest of your life.

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  1. Emily

    I feel the advice given in this article is very helpful and could help to give people who need it advice

  2. christina Gutteridge

    I think this is a positive and meaningful article to motivate people and keep them occupied during tough times. it gives the reader ideas for their day to be more fulfilling.


    I think…everyone should try this things at home and I personally got benefited with it, and I would recommend people to try it.

  4. Esla

    Its really helpful and made me deal with all the anxiety i had during the lockdown

  5. Sarah Smith

    I think spending more time at home isn’t as boring as it might seem, you can take a time of your jobs, school and just focus on your self, eat more healthy and make sure your doing some indoor morning exercises.