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Articles > Rant January, 15, 2021

Mental health, friendships, spending…

Nadia Kusi-Appiah
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7.07 / 10

Today I’m talking about what we have all been thinking and frankly what we are constantly ranting about to the people who would actually listen…

It is certainly evident that 2020 was one tumultuous year…

The major events that have taken place or are still ongoing seem to be hiding behind a grand curtain. As if they’re waiting for their name to be announced, so they take their stance on a spotlighted stage. There is no point in mentioning these events because honestly it adds no sweetness to the pot – the majority are significantly aware anyway. This piece of writing is to acknowledge all the turmoil I could think of in this moment.

Reading this, you may notice things you are embarrassed to talk about with those around you. There may be some emotional strain. Think of me and this article as your journal for today!

Christmas is a time of the year where we are supposed to momentarily forget are worries and enjoy the moment with loved ones. There are lot more people who last year could have been able to tell you that they were fairly doing ok, but now are walking back and forth to food banks just so they can make the next meal for their children.

When we talk about mental health, we are always advised to approach for support. Support that isn’t just temporary but help that you could rely on for as long as needed. But therapy is not free. The people who can afford to pay for therapy now who could not afford to initially, constantly speak on why they feel that therapy seems, like a privilege. Just being able to feel sit in front of someone and be vulnerable, feeling comfortable that you are not being taken advantage of and are being genuinely heard and offered words that are not just consoling but practicable is now like winning the lottery. Only the well-off can afford it.

We have all become lost and we as the Gen Z’s, who are being handed the baton to make this world a better place for ourselves and the generation after us, face the greatest difficulties.

The education system was created centuries ago but really hasn’t adjusted for this time.  We are told grades do not define us, however, it is constantly ingrained in us that our educational success is the way forward and is the only solid thing to fall back on if all else fails. But is it?

This year we have been shown that nothing is set in stone. Many have lost loved ones, have fallen ill themselves and lost their jobs. Items are going on sale in shops but who knows if I can splurge to my heart’s content? Who knows if people can afford it with such uncertainty? We are all scared and I think our leaders need to address that themselves because they all seem confused too. How many times have governments gone back and forth this year and  years before,  disappointing citizens’ all over the world.

This is the loneliest human beings have ever been…

Reference from YouTuber, Kai Foster

We are virtually connected but have managed to make social media the most toxic place. You can debate that if you wish. All these fantasies and honestly speaking the idea of productivity being fed to us through social media are simply not realistic. We have become addicted to it and its almost as if it has consumed our existence.

I think we should start living for now. We need to check up on people a lot more and go back to the basics of being humane. The first instance someone crosses your mind, please check up on them. We should make the most of the moments we have now. We always hear that people are going to judge you no matter what so you might as well do what makes you happy. I believe that entirely. Yes, we all have dreams and aspirations but these days it is easy to answer the question,- Is it actually worth it? All I can say is, humanity is underrated. We all are scared but take every day, at your own pace…

Now let me get back to my work because there’s no angel coming down to write my A levels for me. LOL – Nadia

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