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Articles > Life March, 26, 2021

Body image and confidence

Tamzin Kelsall
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9.02 / 10

Struggling with body image is a part of a lot of young people’s lives especially at the minute with being stuck inside. The temptation of food surrounds us 24/7 and with little to no exercise most young people are finding it hard to find the body confidence they once had. I would also like to state that all body figures are beautiful, and you should deserve all the love in the world! Be confident, be you!

Here are a few tips to help you be confident in your own skin!

1.Do not get caught up in other people’s views of social media.

This one is something I do regularly, and I am not ashamed to say it because once I knew I was doing it I knew I had to change something. A lot of young people are too focused on what other people’s views are because of social media. It is a huge part of our lives and it is difficult to avoid negativity I know it is but believe me what you need to do is to delete apps that have negative comments/views or just unfollow people that make you feel insecure. Without them, you will start to feel better about yourself.

2.Show your body some gratitude!

This is another way that can increase your body confidence. I know we all hate looking at our naked self in the mirror but do it. Stand there and figure out which parts of your body you dislike. Then say, “I dislike my hips BUT I’m a woman and they are there to help me birth children” or “I dislike my thighs BUT they help me walk everywhere!” Show your body some love and allow yourself to become familiar with every part of your body! Each body is different but beautiful in so many ways. You need to be grateful for what you have.

3.Change what you are focusing on.

Do you exercise to lose weight? The answer most likely is yes. Many people exercise mainly on the basis that they want to lose weight but exercising alone does not always do the trick. You must exercise and maintain a healthy diet which many fail to include both in their lifestyle. What I have learnt is that by just exercising and listing to my body when I am hungry has allowed me to feel better about myself. I used to focus on having to exercise every day limiting myself to food even though I knew my body was hungry. Try to find a balance where you are loving your life and eating what you want to. Do not limit yourself and listen to what your body is telling you!

Lastly! I would like to mention that you are who you are for a reason. All bodies are different shapes and sizes. No one should ever tell you something different to make you feel insecure about yourself. If they do this, they are self-conscious about themselves and are just jealous of your gorgeous body!                                                                                                                                 

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  1. Rachel

    I think that this is an issue that shold be addressed in this society and I applaud you for realizing that. A lot of people struggle with inadequacy and the feeling that they just don’t quite measure up. With the unrealistic expectations of beauty presented in the media, other people and often our own self-imposed ideologies of perfection and beauty, it is very difficult for people to accept the God-given beauty and inherent worth that every human being possesses.

  2. Isabella

    I think this article outlines the issues surrounding body image quite clearly. The initial focus on loving your body and that every body is beautiful is lovely and is extremely important for young people to know, especially nowadays. Moreover, the notion that we should all also become more familiar with each and every individual part of our bodies, even the aspects that we least like is also a particularly striking. We should be more focused on how our bodies provide for us and keep us healthy, rather than shaming ourselves for the parts we dislike.
    However, in my opinion, this article is guilty of brushing over the major impact social media has had on teenagers today.
    Although briefly mentioned, the influence apps like Instagram have had on young people is huge. This needs to be more directly addressed as it has completely taken over young peoples’ perceptions of beauty and changed how they view their bodies. This leads them to constantly compare themselves to edited pictures posted on such platforms and make them believe this is they should look.

  3. Jacob Cooper

    I think…this was a very useful article in understanding different people’s interpretations regarding body image and confidence and will easily help a young person to feel more proud of their body and to be able to do what they love without having to worry about their body image and how it is seen by others.

  4. Sarah

    I think in order to have a more positive body image you first need to have a better relationship with food. Intuitive eating and eating what you want when you are hungry, then stopping when you are full is is a difficult skill but will help in establishing a good body image. You will know that you are eating when you’re body needs food so are not over eating or under eating therefore, you know that how your body looks is how it’s meant to be and that you are maintains this firm in a healthy way.

  5. Tegan

    I think that this is a great article! Really focused on allowing everyone’s bodies to be counted for however they look.

  6. Stephanie Whitmill

    I think..this artical was very good. The truth about how most girls feel. Abigail also enjoy well done Tamzin xx