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Articles > Work & Training August, 05, 2022

5 Things to do when invited for an interview

Krish Kedia
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Do you have an interview coming up? Whether for a casual summer job, your next move after school, a university placement, or maybe a grad scheme… interviewed will happen at so many life stages! Follow these tips for things to do when invited to an interview.

Prepare answers to common questions

Okay, you may cringe a little, but trust me it helps. A common question  is “Tell us more about yourself?”. Understanding this question is important, and helps the interviewer segregate serious candidates from the whole group of applicants. This question is always asked to understand more about your life and not a request for you to simply repeat everything you have written on your resume. Ensure that your answer covers your background, recent most qualification, last work experience, hobbies. Please ensure that these details are true and accurate, as you shouldn’t lie! The points covered should be short and crisp; keep it to about 90 seconds!

Confidence matters!

Even if you don’t feel confident, you’ve got to fake it till you make it. There is a misconception that if you get 2 out of 7 questions wrong, your interview is a failure. This isn’t true. The interviewer is not expecting you to answer every question and cross question they ask, because most of the parameters judge you on your confidence while answering.

For instance, even if you do not know the answer to a particular question, you should attempt to make a confident guess because this shows the interviewer that you want to give it your shot and have the ability to think on the spot. However, refrain from doing this on every question because this can indicate overconfidence and overinflate abilities. It is important to be able to recognise when admitting “I don’t know the answer” is the best option, and following this up with a related point on something you do know the answer to!

Revision is a must

Okay, so you are full of confidence and have prepared answers. Is that enough? Nope. Revising your concepts is about more than just cracking the interview, it’s about showing you have an interest in the company and will continue to be the best person for the job.

Concepts differ according to the post you are applying for, so always keep this in mind. Whether you are sitting an interview for your university applications or for a part-time position at a fast food chain, you should still do your research. As well as having background information, it also ensures you have a question for the interviewers, which shows you have an interest in the job.

Stay well-informed on current affairs

Now many people might tell you its useless to follow current affairs for an interview (especially if in the corporate sector). This is incorrect because they fail to realise that the interviewer is there to also judge you on your awareness. This is particularly true for academic and corporate jobs, but don’t underestimate the importance for retail and hospitality positions too!

First impressions matter

Ensure to greet your interviewers when you meet them. Forbes report that a judgement is made within the first 7 seconds. This small greeting eases the environment, giving you a head start and gives them a positive starting point for hearing from you. Things like posture, how you dress, the language you use – these are all important is showing off your best side and impressing those interviewing you!

The smile on your face would be your biggest friend as it ensures that the interviewer knows that you are comfortable and a pleasant person to work with!

So those are my tips for interviews – if you have an interview coming up, best of luck with that! Do let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for succeeding, and help each other out!

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  1. Jake Henderson

    I think all of your points are really good. Don’t pretend to be someone who you aren’t.

  2. Rose Lilley

    I think…this is good advice

  3. Krish Kedia

    thanks a lot jake . hope the article helps

  4. Bhaskar Toshniwal

    You have explained to the point. Much helpful.