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Articles > Work & Training January, 27, 2022

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Did you know… being part of the OpinionPanel means more than just completing surveys. Whether you’re looking to earn more or just get involved with the community, there is something for you!

Aspiring influencer?

Aspiring influencer? Looking to get into the field of social media management? We’re looking for creators who enjoy being part of the community and would like to be an ambassador for us. We’ll work with you and your ideas to produce the best content! Get involved by dropping us an email quoting ‘influencer’. And of course, this is paid!

Want to make (even more of) a difference?

Take part in the meetings where you get to share and pitch your ideas to our community managers – they’re the ones who try to make your experience great! This is a chance to get your thoughts and ideas directly to the ones making the decisions. If you’re a confident person who is happy to share their thoughts in a group, email us quoting ‘ambassador’.

Get published!

You may know this if you are reading this article, but there is a chance every month to get paid for writing articles! The winner of ‘Article of the month’ gets £50 as a prize!

Writing articles is also a great way to get your voice out there, and you can say that you are a published author on an online blog – something amazing to put on your CV or personal statements. If you’re interested in writing an article, click here for more information.

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  1. Morgan

    This is a pretty good article that lays out the different ways you can get involved in the opinion panel community. However, succinctness isn’t the best for fully understanding the offers. The way it’s laid out means you can’t get extra information without throwing your hat into the ring and that’s not great. Overall it is a good article but maybe a follow-up detailing the responsibilities of each group would be useful?

  2. Lop

    this is a brilliant article 10/10!

  3. NS

    I think… this succinctly achieves what it sets out to do and explains how to utilise this forum

  4. Jas

    I think…that the ladder colour could be slightly darker and maybe add a contrast to draw the audience in. A border would also make it look nice

  5. Carla

    I think…it looks good but I think the ladder should be a different colour to make a contrast with the background, and it should be more colourful.

  6. NameErnest

    I think…is a good idea

  7. Micheal

    I think…is a good idea